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Category List
Operation Principle

Ø  Lead the development of characteristic industry

    To make the fruit technology of academic research promote the production technology of the local manufacturer through authorized technology transfer, aiming to fulfill our social duty and mission for the industries in Kaohsiung district. To cope with the national strategic balance development of the north and the south, we hope to reduce the impact brought by imbalance industrial resources between city and country and substantially improve the industrial development in the south region through the display of the local research and development energy in academic circle.

Ø  Build up a platform for industry-academy cooperation

    To promote the industry-academy cooperation strategy alliance in Kaohsiung, establish an industry and academy integration platform, expand the research power in academic field, and promote the development of industry in Kaohsiung district.

Ø  Build up a joint platform for intelligence and technology transformation in Kaohsiung District

    In future, we will further expand to serve the colleges and universities in Kaohsiung district, establish a joint platform for intelligence and technology transformation in Kaohsiung district, integrate the technology power in academic field, and promote the industrial technology upgrading in Kaohsiung district.

Ø  To cultivate derived companies and research and development team consisted of teachers and students

    To jointly design and establish companies through the business skills cultivation plant, provide operational guidance, introduce start-up capital, and connect the manufacturer and the investment platform.

Ø  Promote lifelong learning

    To cope with the lifelong learning principle advocated by the government, our office aims to improve the regional human resources quality. Besides serving the people in southern Taiwan, the courses are expanded to be available in Peng-hu, Jinmen and all over Taiwan. The course planning is actively related to industry combining the theory with practice.