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Industry-Academy Connection and Promotion

Connection of authorization and research

Enterprises provide the fund and authorize the profess to conduct research and development of new technology.

On-campus: Connect the relevant enterprises according to the professors’ research specialties.

Off-campus: Connect the professors of relevant fields according to the enterprises’ demand.

Connection of check, test and experiment

Enterprises provide the fund and authorize the profess to conduct the relevant experiment and test. Professors provide the relevant services including experiment plan and equipment.

Connection of utilization and service of valuable instruments and equipment

The experiment equipment in Valuable Instruments Center and Shared Lab of our university can be rent to the enterprises to conduct the relevant experiment and test.

Professional technology adviser consultation

Enterprises can hire professors of our school as professional technology adviser to instruct the problems met in the research and experiment.  

The relevant law consultation of Industry-Academy Collaboration

Include checking the authorization and research contract and law consultation of intellectual property right

Connection of authorization, cultivation and training

Put forward the course training plan according to the enterprise’s talent training demand. The plan shall contain enterprise private class training, Industrial Master class and practice training.


Government Resources Instruction


Government Resources Plan instruction

Provide the enterprise and professor with the relevant government aiding plan information (plan introduction, and plan application method) and assist them to apply for it.

Government Resources Plan consultation

Assist the enterprise and professor in the government plan consultation (e.g. Application letter composing and accounting subject compiling)