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Payment Method
  1. Log into the online payment website:
  2. Click [Collection Unit](Department Unit) and [Collection Item](the class you desire to sign), and then click [Confirm and Deliver].
  3. Input [Payer] and [Amount of Money]: Fill in the name of the payer and the amount of money.  The title of the receipt shall be filled in the name of the unit. Please type the desired name and unified code on the column, [Name of Organization or Enterprise]. Then click [Confirm and Deliver].
  4. Payment Information Confirmation: Click [Confirm] after reconfirming the information and thus appear the [National Sun Yat-sen University Online Payment Notice Letter]. You can pay the fee after printing the notice letter out. Any mistakes will lead to the second operation.
  5.  Payment Method:
  • ​ Please print [National Sun Yat-sen University Online Payment Notice Letter] out and then choose one of the following methods to pay.
    • Pay at the counter: Take [National Sun Yat-sen University Online Payment Notice Letter] to the counters of Bank of Taiwan Branch to pay the bill and keep the notice letter.
    • Pay at ATM: You can also pay the bill at ATM of every financial institution through bank transfer.
    • Procedure: Insert bank card→ input password →other service(other transfer/ inter-bank transfer) → transferred inter-bank account number→ code of Bank of Taiwan 004→payment account (Total: 14 figures)→input the amount of money→print out the transaction details sheet( reserved for check)
    •  Pay at convenience store including PCSC, FamilyMart, OK and Hi-Life. 6 yuan handing charge shall be paid ( notice letter shall be kept ).
    • Pay at online ATM (please print out transfer certificate)
  • ​Select credit card: Input your credit card number and expiration date, and then continue the operation according to instruction.


  • Payment account is the system automatically producing serial number with a total of 14 figures. In order to distinguish the payer’s identity, please correctly input the number appears on the notice letter.
  • The informal tuition payment receipt will be checked and handed out after the school begins. Please properly keep the payment receipt or ATM transaction detail sheet for necessary check.
  • Any questions, please contact us via 07-5252000 to 2711-2.